Barbican - FOM

Barbican – FOM

The FOM checks all the boxes for use in general lighting applications where performance, aesthetic, scale, design and budget are a concern.


Axis Lighting – StencilFlex™

Based on the Stencil® form factor, StencilFlex is a simple, cost-effective pendant delivery system for the layers of light – and sound attenuation – you want, where you want them.

Zaneen Exterior - Blend

Zaneen Exterior – Blend

Blend is characterized by its sinuous sculptural body in its bollard form. The light head not only illuminates the surrounding area while accenting the body, but is a design feature in and of itself.

Scott Architectural Lighting - NOVO

Scott Architectural – Novo

Offering a continuously illuminated, shadow-free surface, these 3’, 4’ and 5’ rings are highly efficient, up to 99lpw.

Lumetta – Link Acoustic

A creative combination of modular design and acoustic function conceived for ambient lighting and auditory comfort.

Extant Architectural Lighting Huntington 1

Extant – Huntington 1

The ultra slim Huntington 1 is a 1.5” family of fixtures that utilizes Microstructure EdgeTech Optics to create precise illumination control. Available in recessed, wall, suspended and surface.

Axis Lighting - Softzone

Axis – Softzone

Increase privacy in collaborative spaces, improve speech clarity in conference rooms and reduce reverberation in open areas. SoftZone provides design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties.

Zaneen - Sign Surface

Zaneen – Sign

Sign from Zaneen is a complete family of classical architectural disks. Trimless, recessed, surface or suspended mounting options. Diameters from 5 ½” to 48”.

Structura – Aura Ring

The Aura LED wood ring pendant is designed for suspension on catenary tension cables and ceiling mounting. Aura is made to withstand outdoor, wet environments and indoor installations.

Forum Lighting – Frame

Frame provides simple geometric lines with cutting edge LED technology. Available in direct, Indirect, or radial light output with plenty of sizes and mounting conditions. Frame is a great tool to help your design come into focus.

Amerlux - Cylindrix III Vertical LED

Amerlux – Cylindrix III Vertical LED

Offering aesthetics and performance packed in a compact design. Featuring multiple lumen packages and beam spreads to ensure you are getting the punch of light where you want. Compatible with 120 and 277 volt track systems.

Zaneen – Sign

SIGN luminaries are a complete family of classic architectural disks: trimless, recessed, surface mounted and suspended. This range conveys a sense of belonging and is perfect for a variety of applications.

Structura - Elle

Structura – Elle

Modular linear system with industry-first lower and upper case “L” Building blocks. Available in solid walnut or white oak hardwood.

DALS Lighting – GMB4

Versatile 4” adjustable downlight featuring full rotation and 30 degree tilt. Remote driver makes shallow plenum installation simple.

Insight Lighting - Adobe

Insight Lighting – Adobe

An architectural direct or direct/indirect light source for modern spaces. Available in 34”, 46”, and 58” lengths.

Lumetta - Lite

Lumetta – Lite Cylinder

Sleek. Stylish. Carefree. Value engineered cylindrical pendants that display craftsmanship in a whole new light

inter•lux - Toccata

inter•lux – Toccata

Impactful, striking, whimsical. Inter-lux’s Toccata delivers useful lumens in an elegant form.

ALW - Twist Open

Architectural Lighting Works – Twist Open

Available in three distinct design types – square, rectangle and triangle, each illuminated section can be rotated up to 30 degrees in either direction. Offering static white color temperatures, RGB and RGBW options.

Zaneen - Snooker

Zaneen – Snooker

Retractable for varying configurations, these 300 lumen, 90 CRI monopoint or track mounted gems come in 25 standard finishes. Optional glowing disc available.

PMC - ArcX

PMC Lighting – ArcX Collection

LED lighting that takes on a whole new dimension. Multi-level, curved, sculptural lighting can be assembled to create a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your signature space.

WAC - Genesis

WAC Lighting – Genesis

With dual uplight and downlight LED engines, Genesis integrates high performance with ambient lighting. An evolutionary design in a diminutive size, resulting in a stunning decorative accent.

HK Lighting Group - Gruel

HK Lighting – CMBL 150

Handsome pedestrian scale bollard featuring forward throw optics.  Machined from an anti-corrosion silicone magnesium aluminum alloy. Available in anodized or painted finishes. Optional GFI outlet.

Prima Lighting - Dew Drop

Prima Lighting – Dew Drop

A versatile solution for decorative ambient applications. This sculpted glass shade pendant is available in two sizes with multiple color and suspension options.

IMPACT Architectural Lighting -™

IMPACT Architectural Lighting –™

A relevant design to complement any interior space. This pendant features sleek acrylic diffusers and is available in two architectural sizes, three lumen packages and over twenty standard finish options.

Insight - Euro

Insight Lighting – Euro

Elegant columns featuring crisp vertical illumination without brightness or glare. Superior visual comfort in the pedestrian nightscape. Patented film technology provides uniform illumination and is available with an RGB LED color changing option.

Day-O-Lite – NAS-RND Series

An ideal choice to illuminate a variety of open spaces. Savvy engineering allows easy installation in hard to access ceilings. Available in two, three and four-foot diameters and can be specified with concave, convex or flat lenses.

Edison Price Lighting - Artima/3 0

Edison Price Lighting – Artima LED/3 O

This track-mounted accent light is distinguished by extraordinary color consistency. The matte black cross-baffle assembly controls surface brightness and reduces spill light. Available in seven lumen packages, up to 3500lm.

Lumark – Prevail

A modern and affordable area and site luminaire featuring state of the art optical control, low maintenance cost and ease of installation. Fits square or round poles, perfect for retrofit or new applications. Up to 15,500 delivered lumens and four optical distributions.

Corelite – Divide

This unique LED design makes a big statement while providing direct/indirect soft ambient illumination to all surfaces. With a complete family of recessed, suspended, surface and wall, the Divide offers unsurpassed capabilities to create imaginative and profound lighting environments.

Barbican – Custom Modular Ring

Create circles or curved patterns that are easy to assemble with standard diameter options of 2′ to 8′. RAL colors, custom color match or printed wood. Any envisioned concept will be easily achieved.


California Accent Lighting – lipLITE

A low voltage, low profile, linear LED series for indoor and outdoor use with options from 2400K to 5700K.  Field curvable, with a variety of lenses and channel mounting options.

Lumetta - Drums

Lumetta – Drum Luminaires

This extensive collection is available in a variety of diameters and heights. The basic forms become personalized when you build them from the broad selection of finishes and diffusers and can be easily modified in size and scale.

Axis Lighting - Sculpt

Axis Lighting – Sculpt

A 1.5” LED illumination system that lets you choose from an exclusive palette of shapes to create an infinite number of lighting configurations, regardless of ceiling or mounting type.

io Lighting - Line 1.5

io LED – line 1.5

Only 1.5 inches in diameter, this UL wet listed LED linear floodlight is ideal for building grazing and bridge accent illumination. Available in 12″ and 18″ lengths, beam spread options are 10, 45, and 65 degree. Plug connectors eliminate hardwire hassles between fixtures, allowing for continuous row installation.

Bloom Lighting Group - CP Collection

Bloom Lighting – CP Collection

Daring yet understated design provides direct diffused LED illumination. Offered in custom sizes and finishes to meet a variety of indoor applications.

Structura - Reed

Structura – Reed Pole

Tilted and angled pole variations with customizable luminaire mounts and locations. Specifiable individually or as a cluster.  Available in painted, galvanized steel or natural weathering steel for a rust finish.

Solid State Luminaires - CoveLine

Solid State Luminaires – Coveline Color

Low profile cove luminaire with four LED color options: red, green, blue and amber. Extruded aluminum housing, tooled end caps and plug & play connectors allow for clean and easy installations. Available in one, two and four foot lengths.

Zaneen - Moon

Zaneen – Moon Post

An elegant extruded aluminum bollard featuring a glowing ring, Moon offers a perfect balance of beauty, performance and durability. Available in 31” & 43” heights, single or double face LED illumination and multiple color temperatures.