CAL Lighting represents an exceptional group of lighting and controls manufacturers

Scott Architectural Lighting - NOVO

Scott Architectural – Novo

Offering a continuously illuminated, shadow-free surface, these 3’, 4’ and 5’ rings are highly efficient, up to 99lpw.

Metalux - RBG LED Series

Metalux – RBG6

RBG6 is a 4 inch aperture fixture family designed for architects, engineers, contractors and designers. Designed with a simple switch to adjust color and lumen level. Flexible mounting from recessed, drywall, surface, and suspension.

Extant Architectural Lighting Huntington 1

Extant – Huntington 1

The ultra slim Huntington 1 is a 1.5” family of fixtures that utilizes Microstructure EdgeTech Optics to create precise illumination control. Available in recessed, wall, suspended and surface.

Axis Lighting - Softzone

Axis – Softzone

Increase privacy in collaborative spaces, improve speech clarity in conference rooms and reduce reverberation in open areas. SoftZone provides design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties.