CAL Lighting represents an exceptional group of lighting and controls manufacturers

Emberled – eShine

This series provides an unprecedented array of solar powered LED lighting for every conceivable outdoor application: Site, Roadway, Pedestrian and Signage. Architecturally designed to be sleek, and engineered for perfect performance.

Day-O-Lite NAS-RND

An ideal choice to illuminate a variety of open spaces. Savvy engineering allows easy installation in hard to access ceilings. Available in two, three and four-foot diameters and can be specified with concave, convex or flat lenses.

Barron – Flexible Border Tube

Combining state of the art LED technology with a flexible housing to create bright and uniform illumination, this versatile series is perfect for any custom design application.

Edison Price – Artima LED/3 O

This track-mounted accent light is distinguished by extraordinary color consistency. The matte black cross-baffle assembly controls surface brightness and reduces spill light. Available in seven lumen packages, up to 3500lm.