CAL Lighting represents an exceptional group of lighting and controls manufacturers

Structura – Reed

Tilted and angled pole variations with customizable luminaire mounts and locations. Specifiable individually or as a cluster.  Available in painted, galvanized steel or natural weathering steel for a rust finish.

Bilton – BiltonOne

Flexible LED modules for indoor and outdoor use in conjunction with multiple aluminum extrusions for recessed and surface mounting. RGB and static colors, multiple color temperature and outputs up to 900 lumens per foot.

SSL – Coveline Color

Low profile cove luminaire with four LED color options: red, green, blue and amber. Extruded aluminum housing, tooled end caps and plug & play connectors allow for clean and easy installations. Available in one, two and four foot lengths.

Zaneen – Moon

An elegant extruded aluminum bollard featuring a glowing ring, Moon offers a perfect balance of beauty, performance and durability. Available in 31” & 43” heights, single or double face LED illumination and multiple color temperatures.